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Oren P

hometown Los Angeles, CA
4 Year Camper • 2016-2019
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I first arrived at CWW when I was 9 years old. I walked off the bus having no idea that I was at the place where I would have the best summers of my life. I was a curious girl who had just traveled from Los Angeles, California to be here. I quickly began to realize how supportive Jed and Carolyn were to everyone at the camp. A lot of campers already knew each other from school or previous summers and I knew absolutely no one. But quickly, I began to feel right at home and made an abundance of friends. My friends became like my family. I’ve had countless great experiences with them in just two summers. Summer 2018 will be my third summer and I so look forward to coming back. If you’re a new camper and are worried, don’t be! I was just like you when I started. I was anxious and excited. Camp Walt Whitman is my second home and my favorite place to go to. Sure, I miss my family. But with my friends and amazing activities everyday, the days fly by in a flash. I try to always cherish every moment I am there. You never think about problems with school or who your teacher will be this year. You always are just thinking about the amazing experiences and connections you are making at Walt Whitman. You may think I am exaggerating. Well, I am not. Once you go to CWW, you will never want to leave.