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Madi W

hometown Adelaide, Australia
2 Year Staff Member • 2017-2018
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They say you learn something new every day and while at camp that is definitely true. There is never a day that goes by that you can’t look back and feel amazed with how much you have achieved. Working on the wakesports team, I get to see some pretty dope kids achieve some pretty wicked goals. Hearing the cheer from the bunk while someone stands up on skis, seeing the grins on their faces when they make it outside of the wake for the first time, I never get tired of it. Then heading back into camp and seeing my bunk, hearing all their stories from the day, getting to run, dance and sing with them, laughing at cow jokes until we couldn’t breathe anymore.  Every day, seeing such strong young people learn new things and push their boundaries on something they may have been scared about on day one. Watching as new friendships blossom and also making my own along the way, knowing that they are life long friendships and finally when everything comes to an end, knowing that you weren’t just part of any community, you were part of a family. That is camp, a family that learns something new everyday, laughs uncontrollable and loves unconditionally.