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Our Balanced Program & Activities

We are not a sports camp, yet we offer beginning and advanced instruction by collegiate athletes and coaches in nearly every imaginable sport.

We are not an arts camp, yet we offer a ceramics, woodworking and craft studio as well as drama and music programs taught by career artists and teachers.

We are not an adventure camp, yet we offer ropes courses, weekly hikes, whitewater rafting and overnight camping trips led by certified professionals.

We offer everything you want in a summer camp.

The breadth of our program and the depth of our instructors’ expertise means that campers can walk in knowing nothing about gymnastics, or lacrosse, or paddle boarding, and get hooked on all of these things.

No one expects your camper to be an expert when they arrive or when they leave—they just need to love to participate.

It’s not about being the best.
It’s about trying your best.

13-Year-Old Camper

Campers engage in six activities daily. Four are prescheduled cabin activities. Campers participate in our daily programs with their cabin group, their family away from home. Being a part of this tight-knit unit encourages our campers to stretch themselves, knowing they are completely supported by fellow campers and our staff.

Twice a day, campers also choose activities they want to pursue further, gaining knowledge and confidence from over 100 coaches and instructors.

Learn about more about our offerings below.

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