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young boy with a soldering iron creating a four leaf clover design


The arts program at Camp Walt Whitman provides multiple outlets for our campers’ creative interests and talents. Professional artists and teachers lead regularly scheduled art classes in separate, well-equipped studios for ceramics, woodworking and crafts. Our Lego Loft and Technology Tent provide additional opportunities for creating. And for artistically inclined campers, daily and weekly elective periods provide even more time to complete projects and explore all of camp’s artistic options.

Studios buzz with excitement as campers saw and sand the pieces of a chess set, throw the perfect pot on the pottery wheel, make t-shirts in our crafts studio or tinker with electronics. A highlight of the program is our end-of-summer art show, where we can see the impressive work of all our campers.

Campers can also look forward to being a part of a theatrical production led by an experienced theater director who helps kids develop their stage presence. Our Junior Campers all participate in some way, either by acting on stage, helping with set design, creating costumes, or working the lights, sound or curtain. By the 4th grade, participation becomes optional, but so many campers choose to keep performing that each age group presents its own play, and many participate in one of our two talent shows.

Productions take place in the Jancy and Bill Dorfman Center. Completed in 2016, it boasts a professional light and sound board, and as the only air-conditioned building in camp, it’s a wonderful place to be on warm nights!

Campers have multiple outlets to make music, too, either by specializing during elective times in a cappella groups, guitar lessons, or drum making, or by joining a camp band.

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