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Current Family FAQs

When do I find out what bunk my child is in?

On the very first day of camp you will receive two emails from us. One email will let you know that your child has arrived safely at camp. The second email will provide you with information on your child’s bunk number as well as reminders about how to contact your child during the summer.

When will I hear from camp?

If your child is coming to camp for the first time this summer, you will hear from camp the following ways:

  1. Your child’s CWW Big Brother/Big Sister will call to introduce him/herself to your child in early June.
  2. Your child’s Unit Leader will call and introduce him/herself to you and your child the week before camp starts.
  3. Within the first three days of camp, your child’s Unit Leader will call to let you know how everything is going.

If your child has previously been to CWW, you will not receive a prescheduled phone call within the first three days of camp. However, you are welcome to call and check in about your child any time!

Where should I address mail?

Send mail to:

Child’s name, Bunk #
Camp Walt Whitman
1000 Cape Moonshine Road
Piermont, NH 03779

* Your child’s bunk number will be emailed to you on the first day of camp.

How can I email my child during the summer?

It’s easy to email your child at camp. You will simply sign into your camp account (the same one you utilize to complete forms) and click the icon for email.

How do I see photos of my child during the summer?

We post over 150 photos a day for parents so that you can get a glimpse into your child’s experience at camp. You can expect to see a photo of your child two to three times per week. To see photos during the summer, you will sign into your camp account (the same one you utilize to complete forms) and click the icon for photos.

How do camper phone calls work?

For the first 10 days of camp, as campers acclimate to camp, there are no camper phone calls. After the first 10 days, parents can schedule one phone call every two weeks. Parents sign up by going onto their camp account (the same one you utilize to complete forms) and clicking on the phone icon. Parents choose a 45-minute window during which they are available for a call; however, the phone call itself is limited to 10 minutes.

What is this CampMeds thing, and why do I need to use it?

In order to make sure that medications are distributed in the safest way possible, we require campers who take a daily medication to have their medications prepackaged by CampMeds. You will receive detailed information about the CampMeds program in the spring.

When do I find out which bus my child will take to camp?

On the Thursday before the first day of camp, we will send you an email with details about the bus your child will take to camp. We base our bus assignments on the travel form that parents complete. While it’s not always possible for every child in the same grade to be on the same bus, we make sure that all campers in the same cabin (who are leaving from the same location) are on the same bus to camp.

What happens on Visiting Day at camp?

Visiting Day is the 4th Saturday of camp and runs from 10 AM to 4 PM. We don’t put on a big visiting day show, as we want the experience to be about time you and your child spend together. During the morning of Visiting Day, you will have the opportunity to tour camp with your child, meet his/her counselors and friends, and simply enjoy the time together. After a picnic lunch and a camp meeting, which parents enjoy because it captures the essence of camp, we open up our facilities for parents and campers to enjoy together. Parents and children can play tennis together, go for a swim, go on our Aerial Adventure course, zip line or climbing wall, or enjoy different contests on our sports fields.

For parents who have a conflict with our Visiting Day date, please reach out to us and we will work together to find an alternative day to visit.

What is Family Camp?

Family Camp is just what it sounds like, a five-day camp experience that your entire family can enjoy together. Family Camp takes place the week after camp ends and is offered to current CWW families, CWW alumni and friends. Each family has their own cabin (cabins all have electricity, bathrooms, showers and hot water). We retain some of our best staff members to work the week of Family Camp so that we can make sure to provide each family a personalized experience. Families enjoy activities together in the morning; then, after lunch, we offer adult-only and child-only activities before everyone comes back together before dinner. In the evenings we run some of our most popular camp evening events and then offer babysitting services so that parents can enjoy some adult time together. Family Camp is a great way to spend an easy, fun, laid-back family vacation together.

Are there really no packages allowed at camp?

Correct. In an effort to prevent both unnecessary competition among parents and unnecessary items from accumulating in the cabin, we have instituted a “no package” policy at Walt Whitman. If there is anything essential that your child insists that he or she needs, please call the office and speak with our Office Manager to determine if a special exception is required.

The exception to this rule is for campers celebrating a birthday at camp. As we want birthdays to be extra special, birthday packages are permitted. However, even in birthday packages, no food is allowed to be sent to camp.

Who do I call during the summer if I have concerns about how my child is doing?

If you have any concerns at all during the summer, we want you to give us a call. While our leadership team is rarely in the office during the summer, our office staff will take a message and we will get back to you shortly. Though the message will most likely be passed along to your child’s Unit Leader, you can always ask to speak to Carolyn or Jed as well.

What if I can’t get my child’s physical completed until June?

We understand that sometimes, because your insurance won’t cover more than one physical in a calendar year, you won’t be able to get us your child’s completed physical form until June. This is not a problem. You should complete all of your other camp forms and then get us your physical as soon as it is complete. If you are mailing it before June 15, please send it to our NY office. If after June 15, please send it directly to camp. No camper will be allowed to participate in activities until we have a completed physical.