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Alana F

hometown New York, New York
7 Year Camper • 1994-2000
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Camp Walt Whitman truly shaped who I am as a person. The memories I have from my 7 summers there are some of my most cherished.

There is no place quite like it… the people, values, landscape, and so much more. CWW attracts the most genuine, down to earth people in a really remarkable way. To this day, when I meet people that are also CWW alumni (in work or social settings), our connection is immediate and sincere.

Anytime I see friends from camp it is as if no time has gone by, even if it has been years.

I often dream about being back there. From square dances to hike days, every second was so special. It was and continues to be my happy place.

Since my niece was born 10 years ago, I have described camp and how there is no place like it. She is now going on her third summer there, and I live vicariously through her stories and pictures. The core values and traditions are the same as they were when I was at camp (almost 20 years ago!). Hopefully one day I will send my kids there too.