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Liam C

hometown Needham, MA
4 Year Camper • 2016-2019
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Camp Walt Whitman (aka CWW) is the best place and the best way for everyone to spend their summer. Campers have so much fun that the summer feels so short and they never want to leave.  CWW has great things for everyone to do, from the great outdoors, to sports, art, and so much more. If someone wants to spend the summer at the best camp with fun and friends in the great outdoors, they pack their bags and head to CWW.

#1 Camp For Enjoyment

Every person will enjoy themselves 24/7 throughout the summer at CWW. With bunkmates and counselors, everyone does so many activities, ranging from sports like basketball and tennis to the waterfront to the arts, including ceramics and woodworking. Campers can choose a weekly activity called a SIG (special interest group). The best SIGs are cooking with great treats and the brand new aerial adventure course.

Every week at night, bunks enjoy a Bunk Night, when you and your bunk can do a daily activity or make up your own special event. Each bunk always has a ton of fun. Another really fun thing is overnights. You leave camp for two days and one night on a trip. Last year we had one to a zoo and waterpark. Camp has endless activities and fun for everyone.

Your Second Family

Not only do you make friends at camp, camp is like one giant family. The counselors are so amazing in so many ways. They help you all the time and have fun with you. Plus, they act like your parents in comforting and supporting you. You almost instantly make new friends. By the end of the first week you know almost everyone. Camp is never quiet, it’s always buzzing with campers laughing and joking with each other. In your bunk, campers develop incredible bonds with each other. Last year our bunk made up new jokes and were almost always having fun together. And not only does everyone meet friends that live near them, they also meet kids from tons of places. There are kids from Massachusetts (like me), New York, Texas, California, Florida, and other states and countries. Camp is the only place you see some of these friends, but in the winter, there is a camp reunion in New York where you can see your camp friends again.

The Great Outdoors

While hiking is great at camp, and it seems like it’s the only “great outdoors” thing, almost everything at camp is the great outdoors. For instance, almost all day you’re outside in the sun (or rain). Almost all the activities you do are outside and are on untouched land. Not only do you spend the whole day outside, you’re exercising the whole time. So at camp, you get a tan and more stamina. One my favorite parts of camp is pure nature- the lake. Camp sits on the side of Lake Armington. The lake has so much to do. You can boat on paddle boards, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and more. It’s a camp favorite all the time. Camp is surrounded by a perfect hiking environment. From short hikes for the younger kids, to long hikes for the oldest campers. Last year we hiked a 7.4 mile hike, and this year I can do an 8.8 mile hike. When you’re older, you can also do longer hiking trips that you spend multiple days and nights on. Camp is almost all outdoors.

CWW is the best place and way to spend summer break. It’s your home away from home, and you feel like you belong there all the time. Anybody makes unforgettable memories and friends. And the wait before campers and counselors come back is unbearable. You never want to leave once you get to camp. Camp is fun all the time, and you’re yourself the whole time. CWW is the place to be during the summer.