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Sasha N

hometown Larchmont, NY
4 Year Camper • 2016-2019
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CWW is my happy place because of all of the long lasting friendships I have made with campers and staff alike.

All the long-lasting friendships I’ve made over my first two summers have been some of the best friendships I have made in my life. When I arrived at CWW, I was kind of anxious.  I knew only a few people. But the first summer turned out great.  My whole bunk ended up crying when it was time to leave (especially me!). The second year was unexplainable! I made true friendships that I now know will last forever!

The bonds I had these 2 summers with counselors, CITs, and specialists have been some of the strongest bonds I have ever had with adults. During the first year, my counselors, Milly and Emma were two of my best friends at camp and my specialists, LA and Kat were awesome. They all made me so happy. And my CIT Camryn was so cool.  She made me laugh everywhere we went. During my second summer my bonds with my counselors, specialists, and CITs were super! I loved having Caroline and Missy as counselors; it was an opportunity to learn from these two awesome role models who pushed me out of my comfort zone, every day. My specialists were also amazing, Juliet and Kat brought smiles to my faces wherever I went. When I felt sad at camp, in my mind I would just say “remember that time…” “Remember when…” and smile. This is one of the reasons I love CWW.  And my CITs, are you kidding me, they were so cool and fun. Edye and Losho’s idea of fun is beyond explainable and their sense of humor is what I love most. Edye and Losho were and still are two of my most favorite people. Lastly, MAC, she is one of the best lower-middle leaders you will ever find! I love how even when I was sad she came, told me a joke, and I was all better! And all the extra bonds I have made with other CWW staff are uncountable. There are so many I could list them all day!

I love CWW and I always will! These summers have been some of the best summers of my life!