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Family Camp: Family Vacation at Its Best

There are so many moments at camp that we love to think about all year long: Opening Day, Olympics, 4th of July, campfires, and overnights in the White Mountains to name a few. But Family Camp, from August 13 to August 17 this summer, is one week we look forward to the most.

We love it so much that we take a back seat as camp directors and let CWW’s Associate Director, Dan Rosen, run the show. All our best staff members join him, and together we get to experience camp as a family, enjoy camp as a kid again, bunk up in our own cabin, and invite other families to do the same- (in their own cabin, not ours)!

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most families choose CWW in part because of all the cool stuff their child gets to do—however, Family Camp is your week to dabble in the things you can never find the time for at home. You can get behind the potter’s wheel; learn to sail or paddle board; perfect your backstroke in a tennis clinic; clear your mind and perfect your poses with as much yoga as you want. And no one has to cook or figure out what everyone will eat, which is a vacation in and of itself!

Along with adult-only classes, you’ll be joining your kids in the pool and on the lake, jumping the wake on water skies, zip lining through the tall pines, and taking breathtaking hikes. Come nighttime, you’ll experience classic camp fun, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, getting as low as you can go at our luau, taking the stage for our talent show, and twirling your spouse at the square dance.

Sleep in Our Cabins

Having a cabin to yourself gives the youngest members of your family a taste of what sleeping at camp is like (along with plenty of privacy). They get comfortable with the idea of camp, and you, in turn, have a chance to see camp through your child’s eyes.

It’s rare that we can all unplug and reconnect with the people who matter most – all while doing things we love. Family Camp makes it easy.

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