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Why Crocs Are so Popular at Summer Camp, and Other Nice-To-Have Gear

As you work your way through your summer camp packing list, there are a few items that fall into the category of not essential, but helpful. Longtime campers probably have all these extras, but if you’re a first-timer, here are three things that can make your summer at Walt Whitman even more fun.

1) Crocs

When you roll out of bed in the morning, you won’t always want to put on sneakers, and Walt Whitman has a no flip-flop rule (outside of the beach or pool) so those are out, too.

Instead, a lot of campers wear Crocs. It’s amazing that something that was in and out of fashion six months in the real world is as fashionable as ever at sleepaway camp! But they’re easy to slip on, they protect your toes, and you can personalize them with all those charms (called “Jibbitz”).

You could even argue that they’re in style again as part of the “ugly shoe trend,” but we’re not buying it. They’re just one of the special things about summers at Walt Whitman, where you get to be a little goofier and do things you wouldn’t dare do at home!

2) Crazy Creek Chair

A camp chair like the Crazy Creek Chair is another optional item you’ll see a lot of around camp. They’re so lightweight it makes it easy to bring them anywhere — to sit with on the front lawn and write letters, play games, or relax around the campfire. And unlike the Crocs, you’ll never grow out of them.

3) Headlamps

You’ll definitely need a flashlight at camp, and a headlamp, like one of these from Petzel, is a hands-free way to light your path on the way to nighttime activities and make it easier to read in bed. Just note, unless yours is rechargeable, you may want to pack an extra set of batteries.

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