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Mitch V

hometown ​Montreal, Canada
7 Year Camper • 2013-2019
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CWW: Where I’ve found my best friends

My name is Mitchell. I started at camp Walt Whitman in the summer of 2013 when I was 8 years old. Since I live in Montreal, Canada I did not know anyone at camp on the day that it started. I went to the bunk, met my counsellors and I never looked back!

I love everything about camp! I love the smell of camp – which most people think is fresh air and happiness and smiles. It is that! But is also the smell of No parents and independence! At camp I can be myself and try lots of new things. I also love my friends at camp. I wait all year to spend 7 weeks with them. They are the best group of guys! They are so much fun, so supportive and are “my boyz!” We laugh all summer long and have loads of jokes together. During the school year we spend time on the phone hanging out and waiting for the summer to come along.

Camp Walt Whitman is the biggest family. Everywhere you go in camp you hear people cheering “Go Walt Whitman!” I love intercamp sports, especially hockey. We have a great time and a fantastic team. Whether we win or lose there is always a smile. Last summer, one highlight was that I chose to go on a big overnight hike and climbed Mount Washington, the highest peak in the North East. It was challenging but we did it and our counselors made it so much fun!!

I love the people, I love the staff, I love the activities and I hate the last day of camp when I have to leave.