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What You’ll Learn on a Virtual Tour of Camp Walt Whitman

When choosing a summer camp, the single most important factor to keep in mind is quality. This includes the quality of the camp directors, who you’ll be able to meet on our new Zoom camp tours that we are offering through the spring of 2021.

Camp directors determine every facet of your child’s summer experience, so it’s crucial to learn about their experience and their philosophy, and to make sure you trust that they’ll do the best things for your child at camp. Each one of our virtual camp tours is led by either Carolyn or Jed Dorfman, the husband-and-wife team who co-direct Camp Walt Whitman, so you’ll be able to pose the key questions that will help you decide if Camp Walt Whitman is right for your family.

Through photos and videos, you’ll gain a sense of the fun, excitement and adventures your child will experience at Camp Walt Whitman. You’ll also be able to find out more about Jed and Carolyn’s experience and passion for running the most well-rounded, co-ed sleepaway camp in New England. 

Each session runs roughly 30 minutes, and you can schedule yours here. 

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