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Should You Send Your Child to the Same Camp You Went To?

So you had an amazing time at Camp Walt Whitman as a kid, and now it’s time to send your child to sleepaway camp. Should he or she go to CWW too?

The decision comes down to how much the camp you remember as a child has changed, and what remains the same. At Camp Walt Whitman, the differences are relatively superficial.

We now have a pool, for instance, and cabins all have showers and hot water. Meals are buffet instead of family style to allow for more choice. Waterskiing and High Ropes elements have been added to up the excitement factor. The camp is 7 weeks long instead of 8 weeks; there’s more supervision and room in the schedule for electives. Oh, and Moose Scoops has replaced Fat Bobs as everyone’s favorite ice cream destination!

Beyond the improvements to our facilities and updates to our offerings, our traditions remain. We sit around the campfire and sing many of the same songs, and pick blueberries and blackberries throughout camp like you used to do. A candy bar from candy night is still the currency that campers use to make bets. Our young campers still get to enjoy S’mores at Baker River, the Warren rocket is still standing tall, Saturday Night BBQs are still a hit, and camp still has the same smell of forest and mountain air as soon as you reach the driveway.

And there is still no cell service at camp!

Most importantly, we are still the warm, welcoming community we always have been, where campers can grow and thrive and be their best selves.  

Campers still roll down the front lawn giddy with laughter, and children still feel absolutely amazing about themselves for all that they are able to overcome and accomplish at camp. They still challenge themselves on incredible day and overnight hikes throughout the White Mountains. They still make the best friends of their lives here. And they still square dance on Saturday nights with Ann Soloway and learn from other longtime staff including Rob Sherry, Dan Rosen, and Geoff Ashworth.

Knowing that our core values have remained the same is the main reason CWW alumni send their own kids to Walt Whitman. To help you decide whether to carry on the tradition in your home, we’ve interviewed a number of alumni, and will be posting their experiences on the blog.