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A Camp Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words…and a $3 Postcard

Twenty years ago, we started posting camp photos on our website. In the beginning, we only posted about 15-20 a day, because it took hours to upload the photos on our dial-up phone lines. (Can you imagine?) But as technology improved, the hunger for more photos increased, so we doubled the number of photographers on staff this summer, and last year added a full-time videographer to satisfy the inquiring minds of parents back home.

Now every evening you can scroll through over 150 photos on average to see your campers on the basketball courts, in the craft studios, on the lake, or posing with friends. Even with this increased documentation, at any given moment our campers are spread out across our 300-acre campus doing a myriad of activities, so we tell parents to expect to see their children at least 2 to 3 times a week, and to also check out the weekly videos, where you can really see them in action.

We know it’s such a thrill to see their smiling faces, but it’s also pretty cool for campers to see themselves in the form of postcards. Each photo can be turned into just about any print or product, from posters to mugs, but a postcard is a quick (and functional) keepsake. It takes about 7 business days to arrive once you select it, crop the photo, and write whatever you like on the back. We have roughly that many days left at camp, so tonight is the night to send it. 

At the same time, the camp photos remain on our server forever, so your camper can also use the service to stay in touch with their friends after camp. While email is great, we all know there’s nothing like getting an actual letter, and it’s even better when it’s a friendship photo. For $2.99 (which includes the postage) it’s one of the easiest ways to send a thoughtful message by mail, without so much as opening a mailbox. 

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