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Unit Leader


Unit Leaders have multidimensional responsibilities within their cabin groups. They bring many years of camp experience to this supervisory position, which demands organization, creativity and enthusiasm.

Nick Lentz, a unit leader, began as a cabin counselor at Camp Walt Whitman, where he formed close bonds with his cabin. Being a unit leader, by comparison, magnified that experience and allowed him to develop bonds across an entire age group.

Professional development is another element of the role. Unit leaders coach a group of cabin counselors, and, says Lentz, “I loved the opportunity to be able to share my own experiences of what worked and didn’t work so that I could form the best counselors possible.”

Unit Leaders do not live in cabins with campers, but utilize their organizational experience to act as a liaison between campers, cabin counselors in two to four cabins, and Area Directors, who in turn offer their support to Unit Leaders when needed.

For Lentz, who is currently working as a therapist, being a unit leader gave him the opportunity “to practice basic counseling skills with children.”

Talking to parents is another important aspect of the role. As uncomfortable as that was at first, said Lentz, “I developed confidence in my own ability to communicate effectively.”

Job Details


  • Prior experience working with children
  • College age or older
  • Strong references
  • A great attitude
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