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Soccer Specialist


The Soccer Specialist teaches up to six classes a day separately to boys and girls anywhere between the ages of 8 to 15. After creating your own lesson plans geared at progressive skill development, and most of all having fun, your days will be spent coaching on our three different soccer fields. Of course, the most important element is your own enthusiasm for the game and for teaching children.

Raph Adeyemi has been a soccer specialist for 3 summers. “I always tell people, I get to see the best of the best,” he says. “I have the chance to interact with kids who are passionate about soccer and kids who are not so passionate about sports” — a gift in its own right. “I’m blessed with the opportunity to give some kids milestone moments, like doing a keepy uppie for the first time and this is the most rewarding part of the job.”

Being able to play soccer and “be around the beautiful game” all summer is another perk, says Adeyemi. And camp in general has taught him invaluable professional skills too.

“I feel like everyone who wants to go into any sort of management should work at camp,” he says.

“Camp challenges you in so many ways. It challenges your time management skills, your communication skills and your interpersonal skills.

“Camp is also where you learn what drives you and what recharges you. Without camp, I don’t think I would have learnt a lot of things about myself.

“In terms of soft skills the biggest thing I have learnt from camp is how to take initiative. Camp is a fluid environment with only a handful of things being done in a specific way…Camp is where I learnt that initiative is what distinguishes a leader from everyone else.”

Job Details


  • Experience playing soccer at a high school or college level OR extensive coaching experience
  • Prior experience working with children
  • College age or older
  • Strong references
  • A great attitude
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