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Rocks and Ropes Instructor


The Ropes Courses at Camp Walt Whitman include many high and low ropes elements integrated into our beautiful forest setting. Our instructors may find themselves hanging 40 feet in the air from the climbing wall or showing a camper how to fasten a harness. You’ll spend time teaching the basics of trust and teamwork on our low ropes elements before moving up to the more advanced and challenging high ropes course and the Aerial Adventure Course. Safety is essential, as is an enthusiastic personality. In addition, our older campers have the opportunity to experience rock climbing at Rumney Rocks in Rumney, New Hampshire — an adventure that our instructors help to facilitate alongside hired climbing guides.

For former Ropes Director Gary Mindigo, one of the best things about working in the “Campcraft” division in general is how varied the days are. “I truly enjoy how each day brings something different; camp is … fast and fun and really keeps you on your toes in a rewarding way.”

Plus, she adds, “What we get to do is just so fun. Whether climbing is your thing or not (it wasn’t for me when I started), we have the opportunity to do some really cool stuff with the kids and also to learn and train as a staff and really bond together.”

You’ll walk away with more confidence in your skills, too.  “Camp is truly such a magical place where you don’t even realize you’re growing until you’re already stronger,” says Mindigo. “I can’t say that about many other jobs that I’ve worked or many jobs out there in the world in general. At CWW you’re surrounded by this awesome community and campers who keep coming back for a reason. Everything you offer you will be handed back 110%.”

Job Details


  • Prior experience climbing and/or prior Ropes Course experience
  • Ropes certification or ability to successfully complete certification during staff training
  • Prior experience working with children
  • College age or older
  • Strong references
  • A great attitude
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