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Nestled next to our art studio is our ceramics studio, which throngs of campers seek out on a daily basis.

“The ceramics studio is one of the happiest places at camp. Everyone has a chance to explore their creative side and come away with pieces they can actually use,” says Camp Walt Whitman Arts Director Judy Kapner.

Our ceramicists teach classes during the day that cater to the fledgling potter and sculptor. Pounds and pounds of clay are molded into masks, planters, picture frames, bowls and cups, wind chimes, and animal and human sculptures. Within our fully equipped studio are two large electric kilns that we fire to cone 6, potters’ wheels and a wide range of tools and glazes. We utilize many ceramics techniques, including coil building, slab building, pinch pottery, wheelwork and mosaics. Along with daily classes offered to campers aged 7 to 15, our instructors have the opportunity to offer more in-depth instruction during our SIG (Special Interest Group) periods and free electives.

The ceramics specialist also gains valuable studio experience, such as learning about making glazes and firing the kilns. “Our studio is a full-fledged production studio handling pieces from about 60 campers each day. They will also have the opportunity to improve their skills on the pottery wheel as they can learn that from me as well,” says Kapner, who was a production potter for 25 years before Camp Walt Whitman, and ran a ceramics studio in New York City.

Teaching all age groups is another valuable skill the instructors will learn, which can be helpful for those pursuing careers in education.

Job Details


  • Prior experience working with children
  • College age or older
  • Strong references
  • A great attitude
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