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Basketball Specialist


On our four full-length basketball courts, you will spend your days separately teaching boys and girls the basics of the game: from dribbling and passing to layups and jump shots.

Seeing campers develop their skills and love of the sport is the best part of the job, says Camp Walt Whitman Basketball Specialist Harry Watt. “I’ll have campers who show up to their first basketball sessions and complain about how much they hate basketball. By the end of the summer, many of these same kids are running up to me at breakfast and lunch asking time and again when their next basketball lesson is because they cannot wait for it.”

Creating your own lesson plans, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills of campers while also imparting your knowledge of basketball strategy in game settings. You will coach inter-camp challenges and come up with creative tournaments and shooting competitions between bunks and lower and upper camp.

Specialists get to spend time with all bunks across CWW, including your own. “They all want to show off to you,” says Watt. “The enjoyment seen in them showing off their skills to their bunk specialist are some of the most special moments for me.”

Being able to jump from teaching kids who want to be competitive to those who want a more relaxed time is also a highly transferable skill, says Watt, now that “adapting to new work environments is becoming more important than ever.”

Our facilities will also allow you to perfect your game after hours: we utilize three outdoor courts, one indoor court in our sports pavilion, and a half court for shooting drills.

Job Details


  • Experience playing basketball at a high school or college level OR extensive coaching experience
  • Prior experience working with children
  • College age or older
  • Strong references
  • A great attitude
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