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​Zach P

hometown ​Miami, FL
6 Year Camper • 2014-2019
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​My Home Away From Home

My name is Zach and I am from Miami, Florida. This is going to be my fifth summer at CWW. Even though it is far away from my home, it’s worth the long distance trip to get to camp. I have such an amazing time at camp that I can not wait not go back each and every year. I love basketball, football, baseball, wake boarding, the ropes course, waterfront, tennis, woodshop, and much much more. I am able to do all of these activities at camp with my friends and staff that I love. The staff is very knowledgable and helpful in all their specialties. It also obviously helps when you have great counselors by your side in all of the camp fun. I am with people that support me when I am trying something new.

Camp is full of excitement and bonding moments that will last a lifetime. I even celebrated my 11th birthday at camp. It was a very joyful experience. They had a cake, gave me a special shirt that people could sign, and more. In camp their is a humungous sense of community as well.

Every Monday we have community meeting in camp where we share our favorite moment of the past week. We also discuss important things to be informed about, and we sing songs together. Since you are with the kids in your cabin so much, you form an automatic irreplaceable friendship with them that continues throughout the year even when not at CWW. There is constant communication between us because of our powerful friendship that we have formed because of camp. Camp has also helped me develop confidence in the real world. When it was my first time rock climbing , I was nervous and not good at it. Since I had my friends and counselors supporting me, I was able to do it. The other day, I went rock climbing out of camp. I made it to the top on all 4 courses, but if it weren’t for camp, then I definitely would not of been able to do it. Camp has had such a positive impact on me, and I can’t wait to go back for many summers to come.