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​Owen R

hometown ​Lexington, MA
5 Year Camper • 2015-2019
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​Fun Activities and Nice Kids

Where do I start? Camp Walt Whitman is an amazing place! It has EVERYTHING you might want to do as a camper from cooking to golf to boating to hiking mountains to archery. Everything there, no matter what, is fun! I really like rock climbing so one of my favorite things to do is the high ropes and the aerial adventure course. I really like the obstacles up in the air that challenge you no matter how many times you do it. Another cool thing is the 5-on-5 inflatable soccer arena. I’m not even a big fan of soccer, but it really is awesome. In every activity, you get so much better, have a lot of fun and people make you feel really good whether you are a super star or not quite there yet.

My first year I was in Pioneer Camp, and now I have done two years in Junior Camp. Pioneer Camp was fantastic because I was able to do so much of camp in just a week, however, Junior Camp has been the best part yet. At first I was really homesick but my counselors, my unit leader and my area director all helped me a ton. That winter I met with Jed, and he and I came up with a plan that would help me if I got homesick again. The next summer, I was really happy and at the end of the summer I was crying because I had to leave! Oh,I haven’t even mentioned how friendly and amazing all of my bunkmates are! ALL the kids are super nice and always make you feel good about yourself!

I don’t think you can ever get enough of C-W-W.”