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​Julie L

hometown Scarsdale, NY
7 Year Camper • 2012-2018
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Why I Love Camp

My first summer at CWW, I went with my mom for one week while she was the camp doctor. I was placed in a bunk of girls who I traveled with to activities, however every night slept in my mom’s cabin. Even though I didn’t “live” with these girls, I was completely welcomed and felt as if I was part of their “summer family”. It was so hard to leave after that week but they left my bed in the bunk just incase I would come back that summer. Since then I’ve lived my 10 months at home for 2 months with my forever camp friends. I love that Walt Whitman is a co-ed camp. You get best of both worlds; you do sports and daily activities with girls and also get to socialize with boys during meals and evening activities. This experience allows us to be very comfortable socializing in a low pressure, welcoming environment. I also love that the staff is from all over the country and world. It allows me to learn about different cultures and personalities that these people bring. Over my seven years, I have become so close with so many counselors and they have encouraged me to take risks not only at camp, but during the school year as well.

My mom every summer always asks “Aren’t you gonna miss being on your phone 24/7?” My answer is always “no”. One of the nicest parts about camp is that it’s one of the last places that is truly unplugged and this allows you to really enjoy every aspect of the summer. Walt Whitman is where I have made my life long friends. You can go in not knowing anyone and leave with your best friends in life. There are so many children in the world who feel restricted by society; I know because I am one of them. Often times it feels as if there’s a certain character I’ve built for myself at school and at home, but when you go to Walt Whitman, everyone is so accepting that you don’t feel any pressure to fit in and this truly allows you to be an individual. I could never imagine spending the last seven summers anywhere else.. I cannot wait to be a CIT in this upcoming summer to help other campers fall in love with Walt Whitman the way I have.