"What's New For Me This Summer?"

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    What’s new this summer at CWW

    Every year we strive to make camp better by adding new programming and new facilities.  Over the last few summers we have added a new Fitness Center, Indoor Sports Pavilion, a new Health Center, a professional Arts & Crafts studio, an extra large Ga-Ga court, the Senior Camp Taj, a Mini-Basketball Court, a windsurfing program, a Lego Loft, a giant waterslide, and many more additions.

    Last summer our campers loved our brand new 5,000 square foot event center.  The Jancy and Bill Dorfman Center, named after Jed's parents who ran came for 25 summers, provided an incredible new venue for our camp community to gather for theater performances, talent shows, rainy day activities, evening programming, and our dances.

    For Summer 2017 we've commenced work on a new cabin for Upper Camp girls, a 75 foot deck along the outside of the Senior Camp Quad which will provide additional space for the boys to gather, an expanded Senior Camp Corral where more activities can take place, and many more surprises.

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      What’s new this summer for Junior Camp

      For our Junior Campers, everything is exciting and fresh.  Our Junior Campers get to experience Baker River for the first time.  Every Junior Camp cabin has the opportunity to spend the night at this gorgeous campsite, just ten miles from camp.  What could be more fun than setting up tents, cooking dinner over the fire, telling stories, and enjoying S’mores (lots and lots of s'mores), before spending the night with close friends in a tent. 

      While many of our Junior Campers have siblings of their own, at CWW, we provide all of our new Junior Campers with a special camp big brother or big sister!  Your big sibling will be someone who has been at camp for years and will have just completed 7th grade.  He/she will call you before camp to say hello, stop by your cabin on the first day of camp, hang out with you for hours during our Big Sibling party on the second day of camp, and be there to spend time with you throughout the summer.  What makes this so cool is that within the first two days of camp, in addition to your counselors, you’ll know all of the campers in your cabin, the other campers in your age group, your big sibling, and all of your big siblings friends.  You’ll feel like you know everyone and everyone knows you!


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        What’s new this summer for Upper Camp

        Our Upper Campers are the oldest campers in Main Camp and their program is designed to keep camp exciting.  Upper Campers have the opportunity to participate in more intercamps, participate in optional large dramatic productions, have more choice at SIG and Elective times including Choose-a-palooza days, and enjoy following a schedule that allows them to sleep an hour later each day.

        But the true new highlights of Upper Camp are the trips these campers take part in.  Our Upper Upper Campers (finishing 7th grade) look forward to a three day trip spent White Water Rafting on Maine’s Kennebec River.  They return from this trip every summer raving about the thrill of conquering the rapids!  Our Lower Uppers (finishing 6th grade) look forward to experiencing Adventure Days in Lake Placid.  On this three day trip to the Olympic Village campers get to experience a luge run, a ride down the bobsled track, a tour of the rink where the Miracle on Ice took place, and much much more.  


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          What’s new this summer for Senior Camp

          Our oldest campers!  With the exciting programs we offer in Senior Camp it’s no wonder that more than 85% of our 14 and 15 year olds return to camp each summer.  Our Senior Camp program is completely different from the Main Camp program as it is entirely elective based. 

          Senior Campers have the opportunity to participate in trips unlike anything they have done so far at camp. For our First Year Seniors (finishing 8th grade) we offer the opportunity to participate in an amazing 5 day biking trip in which campers bike from camp to the Maine seacoast, biking 25 to 35 miles per day.  This popular trip challenges campers as they bike through rolling hills and backcountry roads but well worth it as they swim in the ocean at Wells Beach on the final day of the trip!  Our First Year Senior Campers also love their 5 day bus trip to Maine which takes them to Freeport, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Portland, and Old Orchard Beach.

          Our Second Year Senior Campers also have new experiences in their final summer as campers as CWW highlighted by hosting the talent show, serving as Olympic Fire Captains, participating in the Iron Man Dance, and of course their own special five day trip to Canada with time spent in Montreal and Old Quebec. 



            What’s new this summer for Middle Camp

            Campers in Middle Camp (finishing 4th and 5th grades) have much to look forward to this summer at CWW.  Middle Campers enjoy special trips to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Burlington, Vermont and to Whale's Tail Water Park in Lincoln, New Hampshire. New programs and exciting new evening events abound for Middle Campers (highlighted by campers' first trip into our Haunted House on Halloween)! Adina Goodman will return for her 16th summer at CWW and second as our Middle Camp Area Director in 2017.  One thing that Adina knows how to do better than anyone is create fun and excitement.  With crazy dancing in the dining hall at breakfast, silly songs at morning announcements, wacky evening activities including special campfires at night, and Middle Camp's own "Goodnight Song" Middle Camp is the place to be!  Plus, once again this summer Middle Campers will need to be on the lookout for the Goosewolf and Dimpies!