Don't worry, you won't be working the whole time you are at camp. In fact you will have plenty of time to check out the New England area and hang out with your new friends. Check out some of the stuff that people have done in the past.


A must when you are in New England! This historic U.S city is also the largest college town in the U.S. as well. Which of course means that the nightlife is blowing up! Boston also has terrific opportunities for performing arts as well as countless summer concerts in the Boston area. Plan on seeing a show this summer! And of course check out the Red Sox at Fenway Park.


A true treat you will encounter in this historic port city. Montreal is known for its festivals that fill the streets all summer long (jazz festival, festival of laughs, etc.) and the clubs stay open late all the time! Staff members have gone skydiving as well (what a rush!).

Burlington, VT

This chill city hovers along the beaches of Lake Champlain where you can relax on the beach or go jet skiing. The city center serves up some great shops and restaurants as well. Local bands as well as some headliners fill the summer air and check out those two famous ice cream creators at the Ben and Jerry's factory.

Maine Seacoast

Definitely cruise up the Maine seacoast with friends to feast on some fresh Maine lobster. You won't forget it. On your way, you may also go hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to get a true New England day in!

Local Attractions

Within a close drive are Plymouth and Hanover New Hampshire, both of which are college towns. Staff hops into each other's cars at night to go dance, do karaoke, listen to music or get something to eat. We also offer our staff great stuff in camp.

This is only a sliver of what is going on outside of camp during the summer. Staff members cherish their days off and nights out!