Nursing Staff

What better place to share your nursing skills than in the White Mountains of New Hampshire? In this majestic setting our camp nurses play an essential role in the care and safety of our whole camp: campers and staff alike.

Our six-person team of professionally licensed nurses works with our Athletic Trainer and full time in-residence doctor. Your work schedule allows plenty of flexibility, allowing you the comfort and enjoyment of Walt Whitman's facilities. Imagine wrapping up your shift with a refreshing swim in our lake or pool or reading a book while enjoying the afternoon sun. Accommodations for our nursing staff provide some much needed privacy, as you will have a private room and a screened-in porch.

Our health center bustles with the daily bumps and bruises accumulated by kids having fun, along with treating other common ailments. Camp Walt Whitman's nurses share the shift responsibilities in our health center. Nurses are also responsible for the daily distribution of medication. Along with these responsibilities, our nurses must constantly update charts, medical logs, camp books and supply inventory in the health center. Our nurses arrange appointments with local doctors along with dental visits. Communication with the parents of children under your care is essential.

Office Staff

Our office is the hub of camp and our office staff works hard to make sure that our campers, staff, and parents have everything they need.  Our office staff members answer all incoming phone calls and play an important role as the voice of camp to anxious parents hundreds of miles away.  In addition to phone duties, our office staff perform many administrative tasks throughout the day, ensuring that camp runs smoothly.

CK Cook

Within our spacious staff lounge, Camp Walt Whitman houses a full kitchen. Staff gather here in the evenings to watch movies and dine on burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, yogurt and fruit, along with specialty recipes created by our CK cook. Our kitchen is open from 9:00 pm till 11:30 pm. Along with cooking, we expect our CK cook to maintain a clean kitchen, as well as the staff lounge.


Our programming office is the nerve center of Camp Walt Whitman, scheduling for our 400 campers is done here. We also create our daily newsletter, the Walt Street Journal, which is a delight for the campers. They can't wait to pour over it at lunch. All of our programming work is done with Microsoft Excel, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

Kitchen Staff

Our kitchen support staff are crucial members of the Walt Whitman family, providing essential services respected by everyone in our community. The kitchen and dining areas bustle with energy as we serve three meals a day to over 600 people. Working in the White Mountains of New Hampshire affords all staff members a terrific natural setting and all staff members are encouraged to use camp's facilities in their off time.

Three key areas come together to form our whole kitchen support staff, they include kitchen prep, dish room and dining room service.

Kitchen Prep

Our kitchen prep crew assists our camp chefs in preparing the delicious meals served each day. Those who are involved in the kitchen prep work must have experience in food preparation including salads, vegetables, soups, etc.

Dish Room

Our dish room team completes each meal, providing the needed skills to wash each meal's dishes, pots and pans.

Dining Room Services

For those working in our dining room, the responsibility of setting up and cleaning up for meals rests in your hands. This includes supervision of our salad and buffet bars, sweeping and mopping the floors and adding to general dining enjoyment.