Specialty Staff

1. Athletics Staff

Camp Walt Whitman's Athletic Staff prides itself on its team spirit. Though our coaches have a particular interest and experience in one sport, we do not limit them to coaching just one, and, in fact, encourage them to be able to coach another.

Our coaches need to be flexible, enthusiastic and well-organized people who can instruct both boys and girls of varying ages (8-15). We encourage our coaches to apply their experience to designing their own lessons. Generally, a CWW coach teaches between 4 and 6 periods a day, and builds on previous lessons in order to improve knowledge and skill. We expect our coaches to balance skill development and games with lots of fun.

You will also have the opportunity to hone your own unique coaching style through tournaments and inter-camp competitions.

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This position entails teaching up to six classes a day to both boys and girls anywhere between the ages of 8-15. After creating your own lesson plans geared at progressive skill development, and most of all having fun, your days will be spent coaching on our three different soccer fields. Of course the most important element is your own enthusiasm for the game and for teaching children.


On our four full-length basketball courts, you will spend your days teaching both boys and girls the basics of the game: from dribbling and passing to layups and jump shots. Creating your own lesson plans, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills of campers while also imparting your knowledge of basketball in a game setting. You will also have the opportunity to coach intercamp challenges. All of our courts are outside, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful New Hampshire weather and the sounds of children


Our baseball coaching positions are full time positions where you will be teaching boys the fundamentals of America's pastime as well as imparting knowledge of the game itself during games and intercamp challenges. While creating your own lesson plans you will have the opportunity to hone your coaching skills.


At Camp Walt Whitman archery has carried over for decades as a staple of our camp. Our instructor takes time out to work with groups on the mechanics of archery, emphasizing safety, while also offering one on one instruction.


Camp Walt Whitman's softball field bustles with girls throwing and catching, the ping of ball hitting bat is a constant throughout the day. Our softball coach teaches class from 9-4 with a break for lunch and a period off. Our classes are a balance of skill development and games with our coaches own unique styles incorporated. We encourage creativity and an atmosphere of fun and positivism.


In the midst of our upper sports complex is our hockey rink, which allows for both street and roller hockey. Our coaches have access to full protective equipment for two teams of campers. Classes run for an hour long period with 4-6 periods in a day, balancing between skill instruction and games. We promote a fun and participatory environment that allows our campers to feel comfortable enjoying the game and encourages creativity in our coaches.


Our lacrosse coaches have full use of our lacrosse field and equipment for both contact and soft lacrosse, enough to fit two teams. Coaches are encouraged to incorporate their own creativity into classes that balance skill instruction along with game action. Each day is filled with coaching, as you will be teaching 4-6 periods a day amidst the beautiful New Hampshire days.


Our fitness/weight training program ha taken off at CWW after we built a new Fitness Center a few years ago.  Utilizing our free weights and machines, our fitness instructors teach group lessons as well as provide older campers with customized individual workouts to meet their nees.


In our beautiful dance studio, our dance instructor at Walt Whitman is teaching our 7-15 year old girls four to six hours of dance each day.  While primarily teaching jazz and hip-hop, our instructors help our novice dancers learn to feel the rhythm as well as providing advanced instruction to our more experienced dancers.  Our dance instructor will guide our campers in dance intercamps, as well as help choreograph individual dances for our camper talent shows.


Our gymnastics Pavilion is one of the most popular destinations in camp.  Our gymnastics instructors teach our campers tumbling and floor exercises on our spring floor, work on balance and technique on our beams, focus on basics with our uneven bars, and show our campers how to soar on the vault.  Safety is obviously our top concern.  Our gymnastics instructors teach 4-6 classes each as well as prepare our campers for intercamp competitions.

2. Tennis Staff

Camp Walt Whitman's tennis program is among the very best in camping. Our tennis instructors have the opportunity to teach lessons to campers between the ages of 8-15 on 11 beautiful clay courts in both group and individual classes. Dave Porter, head coach at BYU-Hawaii and Past President of the USPTA directs this program and also provides instruction for his coaches.

Under gorgeous New Hampshire weather, our tennis coaches have the opportunity to gain great teaching experience in both skill development and theory, to coach in tournament and intercamp competition and to develop as players themselves.

3. Waterfront Staff

Every day our waterfront is alive with activity. Beneath the summer sun and amidst a beautiful mountain and forest setting our swim instructors teach kids different strokes in our heated pool or sparkling mountain lake. The waters of Lake Armington also allow our boating instructors an opportunity to teach campers about canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. Our waterfront instructors make up a dynamic team that works well together while also having the freedom to work independently while developing their teaching styles. Safety is naturally the number one concern on our waterfront. As a CWW waterfront specialist you will be expected to model responsible behavior.

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Swim Instructor

Swimming is a vital component of CWW's day. Whether in crystal waters of Lake Armington or our heated pool, our campers have the opportunity to swim daily. Our instructors teach lessons throughout the day that conform with American Red Cross standards, including levels I through VII. Along with teaching lessons, you will have the opportunity to create specialty classes such as synchronized swimming, snorkeling and water games. During free swim periods swim instructors will be expected to lifeguard. Daily upkeep of the pool and waterfront area will be an additional responsibility.

Boating/Sailing Instructor

What better way to spend an afternoon in New Hampshire than to take a canoe or sail boat out on Lake Armington. This is an opportunity our campers have and as a boating instructor this is how you will spend your days: teaching campers basic boating skills of canoes, kayaks, funyaks, sunfish, rowboats, paddle boards and windsurfers. Lessons will cover everything from rigging the boats for use, necessary skills for piloting the vessels and of course safety. Along with teaching exciting and creative classes, our boating instructors will be expected to maintain the boats and docks

Water-ski Instructor

Water-skiing is one of the most popular programs at Camp Walt Whitman every summer. As a water-ski instructor you will be spending your days on a beautiful New Hampshire lake teaching and demonstrating the fundamentals as well as other tricks of skiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding.  Our instructors must also have experience as boat drivers and will be required to pass the state of New Hampshire boat license exam.

4. Campcraft Staff

Our campcraft positions are a haven for those who relish the great outdoors. Camp Walt Whitman is located in the heart of the White Mountains, some of the most beautiful hiking country in the Northeastern United States. The Appalachian Trail runs through New Hampshire and many of the hikes that our campcraft specialists lead are on these trails.

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Hiking and Trip Leaders

Hiking is a major component of our program, as each camper will hike once a week. We are located in the beautiful White Mountains and we take full advantage of our geography. On our hikes and overnight traverses, our goal is for our campers to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while challenging themselves out of their normal comforts. Our older campers have the opportunity to go on 3-5 day overnight backpacking trips, as well as overnight canoe and bicycle trips. Applicants for these positions must have extensive hiking and camping experience, experience working with children, and a tremendous enthusiasm, which they can happily convey to groups they are leading. This is a position of great responsibility and keeping our campers safe is our number one priority.


In the White Mountain forests and along Lake Armingtone, Camp Walt Whitman has the resources that any nature lover would fawn over, which is what we hope for in our nature instructor. Our nature program is very hands-on, as kids will bring all kinds of creatures they find into our nature shack, which is filled with aquariums and books for campers to investigate. During our nature periods, our younger campers (8-11 yr. olds) engage in a variety of different activities such as tree and plant identification, rock collecting, bird watching, nature games, science experiments, recycling and conservation education and simple observation skills.

Rocks & Ropes

The Ropes Courses at Camp Walt Whitman include many high and low ropes elements integrated into our beautiful forest setting. Our instructors may find themselves hanging forty feet in the air from the climbing wall or showing a camper how to fasten a harness. Our instructors spend time teaching the basics of trust and teamwork on our low ropes elements before moving up to more advanced and challenging high ropes elements where safety is essential, as is an enthusiastic personality.  In addition, our older campers have the opportunity to experience Rock Climbing at Rumney Rocks in Rumney, New Hampshire which our instructors help to facilitate along side hired climbing guides.

5. Arts Staff

A broad spectrum of arts programs provide many outlets for campers' creative interests. Our programs are designed for all age groups and ability levels and whether it be visual or performing arts, the enjoyment of these is our goal.

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Camp Walt Whitman's art studio offers a wide variety of resources and activities for campers to engage in. The walls of our art studio are blanketed in watercolor paintings, papier-maché masks and silk-screened t-shirts. Those who work in our art studio create projects that challenge our campers' creativity. Along with daily activity periods, our art instructors will have the opportunity to teach more extensive projects during our week-long SIG periods and offer assistance and supervision during elective periods. Our art studio also provides assistance with creating sets for our theater productions and other special events.


The sound of hammers pounding and saws buzzing is a constant at Camp Walt Whitman. In the confines of our woodshop our campers have the opportunity to create simple projects to the complex. Some projects include bookshelves or mailboxes, wooden pens and bowls, plaques that campers can send home to their parents or Adirondack chairs for the porches of cabins. Above all, our woodshop instructors create a safe environment that encourages creativity.


Nestled next to our art studio is our ceramics studio, which throngs of campers seek out on a daily basis. Our ceramicists teach classes during the day that cater to the fledgling potter and sculptor. Pounds and pounds of clay are molded into masks, planters, picture frames, bowls and cups, wind chimes and animal and human sculptures. Within our fully equipped studio are 2 large electric kilns that we fire to cone 6, potters wheels and a wide range of tools and glazes. We utilize many ceramics techniques, which include coil building, slab building, pinch pottery, wheelwork and mosaics. Along with daily classes offered to campers aged 7-15, our instructors have the opportunity to offer more in-depth instruction during our SIG periods and free electives.


Camp Walt Whitman's photography specialist is one of the most beloved staff members at camp as all of our campers love to have their photo taken. Our photographer spends a great deal of time working with digital photography and placing almost 100 photos each day on the web for parents to see. Our photographer lays out a schedule of when and where they will capture photos of each group to assure that all of our campers have their photo posted multiple times each week.  For our camp parents, who are located hundreds of miles away, this is how they can actually "see" how their child is doing.  In addition to posting daily photos, our photography specialist will teach basic photography skills to our campers.