Great question! Of all the camps out there why Camp Walt Whitman?

Six Great Reasons:

1. Life long friends.

Our staff is not only large, over 200 people from the U.S. and Canada, as well as around the globe, but it is a staff that shares a passion for gaining new experiences, meeting new people and having a lot of fun! Two months seems like two years as you discover new friends and new cultures.

2. Travel.

You won't work every day this summer. In fact you will have one 27 hour day off each week. Staff hop in each other's cars and head all over New England, watching baseball games in Boston, checking out one of many summer festivals in Montreal, shopping and hanging out in Burlington, VT, eating fresh lobster in Maine or hiking in the White Mountains. You can see New England!

3. Co-ed camp.

We are a co-ed camp, so you will make friends who are both men and women. Our staff comes from many different backgrounds, we have college students from freshmen to super seniors, grad students, teachers, coaches, nurses, professionals. You name it and they are here!

4. Fun, active days.

Every day at camp is packed with activities. Nearly every sport on the planet has been played at camp at sometime. We have three different art studios: our woodshop, arts studio and ceramics studio offer a haven for creativity. With the White Mountains so close we go on beautiful hikes and backpacking trips! Our evenings are filled with special events, hobby nights and camper plays. Our staff is either leading these activities or participating in them, often times both!

5. Experience.

For anyone interested in teaching, recreation, coaching, counseling, nursing, cooking and trip leading, just to name a few, this is a hotbed for you! You will gain tremendous experience working with children, as well as your peers, in a very positive environment. We are more than willing to help out with internships and college credits. Plus the connections you make are awesome!

6. Memories.

You will walk away from this summer with the most amazing memories; we guarantee it! Whether it is making a difference in a camper's life, meeting new friends, waterskiing for the first time, playing basketball and hockey at night or hanging out around the campfire.

This summer will be one of your best ever!

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