OK, this all sounds great, but what about getting prepared. Does staff get trained?

Ah, terrific question! We feel that prepared staff are more effective staff, and therefore we go to great lengths to give you tools and strategies to deal with certain situations that may arise throughout the summer. We provide this training during our orientation before campers arrive and ongoing staff training throughout the summer.

All of our staff goes through an extensive one-week orientation before the campers arrive in order to become acquainted with everyone on staff, the layout of Walt Whitman and how we do things at Walt Whitman. All of our specialists get CPR/First-Aid Certification, and area specific training (e.g., Wilderness First-Aid). Over the years our staff has told us that they feel very prepared following orientation and that they have a lot of fun during orientation as well.

Our training does not end when the kids arrive, along with daily on the job training you receive from your Area Directors or Specialty Area Director, we provide our staff with ongoing formal training throughout the summer that is very practical and helpful.

We value the work that our staff does every summer immensely and we want to do everything we can to make you successful at your job!