Of all the choices, how did you choose the name "Camp Walt Whitman?"

First off, we're not a poetry camp. Instead we are a co-ed traditional summer camp. But, back to the name...way back when, over sixty years ago, our founders wanted a name that represented the vision of their camping environment. So they chose "Camp Walt Whitman" because of the famous Walt Whitman poem, I Hear America Singing. Within the rhythms and language, Whitman spoke about the respect each individual deserves no matter what his or her abilities or role in life. The celebration of each individual! Today, at Camp Walt Whitman, we strive each day to continue this tradition. Each camper and staff member's individuality is respected and celebrated within our community.

So, what is Walt Whitman all about? What kind of camp is it?

Now we're talking! First of all we are a co-ed camp. This means that our boys and girls have meals together, they hike together, they go on trips together and they participate in evening programs together. We work to teach campers that they can respect each other as friends and that a co-ed environment need not be a high pressure environment. Our mission is to create an environment that lets boys and girls have fun and be friends without social pressure.

Oh, yes, we are a traditional sleepaway camp. This means that our campers come to camp for 4 weeks or 7 weeks. It also means that we offer a ton of different activities, everything from sports to hiking and backpacking, waterskiing, swimming, sailing and arts and crafts. We have just about anything you could think of and our staff is involved in all of it. Yes, you get to hike, play hockey and throw a clay pot!

Is Walt Whitman an intense competitive sports camp?

Each day we have a slew of different athletic activates going on. We also run intercamp competitions, which allows our coaches to teach strategy and match wits with opposing coaches. With all of our activities we strive to help our campers learn that different kids have different talents. We really believe that each camper should have fun and have the opportunity to excel at his or her own pace.

OK, what is Walt Whitman's ultimate goal for each summer?

Every summer, no matter what, we strive to create an environment where kids and staff can safely take risks and challenge themselves. We want our campers to try the flying squirrel for the first time in their lives or make a new friend. The same is true for you. We want you to travel to new places, make lifelong friends, impact a camper's life and your own.

We want our staff to have an awesome summer!