People Ask Us....What Makes Walt Whitman Different?

After looking into summer camps, a lot of people tell us the same thing.  They found a lot of good ones, but not quite like ours.  And when we ak them why, the reasons come up again and again.

Every camp has a staff, but not quite like ours:

Because we're so sharply focussed on two things: experience (two college-aged counselors in each cabin, eating with, playing with, laughing with, learning with our kids 24 hours a day; plus accomplished specialists teaching every activity- from arts to archery, from soccer to sailing).  And training (not only a two week pre-camp staff orientation, but also weekly staff training sessions all summer long run by Walt Whitman's directors and professional staff trainers).

Every camp has a program, but not quite like ours:

Simply because the richness and scope of what we do is almost impossible to match.  Are we a sports camp? No, but oh do we play sports! (11 clay tennis courts and full time teaching staff of 12, 2 baseball diamonds, 3 soccer fields, 3 outdoor basketball courts along with 1 indoor basketball court, a hockey rink; inter-camp competitions; and, at all levels, a primary emphasis on fun. Are we an arts camp? No, but painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, music, dance, drama - creating- it is a major part of every day.  The outdoors? Last summer at Walt Whitan we climbed 34 mountains in three states, canoed on four rivers, and sang hundreds of songs while toasting thousands of marshmellows around the campfire.

Every camp has a setting, but not quite like ours:

If you close your eyes and imagine what a summer camp should look like, it probably looks like ours.  At the end of a dirt road.  On a lake.  At the foot of a mountain.  Surrounded by forests of birch, maple, and pine.  With facilities that are on one hand state-of-the-art (heated pool, indoor sports pavillion, ropes course, gymnastics building, three art studios, etc) and on the other hand feel like they've been here as long as there's been a place called Piermont, New Hampshire.

Every camp has a feeling, but not quite like ours:

This is probably the most important point of all, and the hardest to put into words.  Because it's a combination of so many things.  Our staf, our program, our setting.  Plus our kids, our parents, our attitudes, our goals.  And our history.  At Walt Whitman, we've been swimming in this lake and hiking these trails and singing these songs since 1948.  And, all this creates a joy, a sense of community, -a feeling- that's a little bit different from anyplace in the world.

We think it's important for you to take a good, long look at summer camps. And, if you do, we think you'll find a lot of good ones.  But not quite like ours!