What Campers Say About CWW:

"Camp has meant so much to me over the past six summers. It has allowed me to realize that it is okay to be myself and that people just might like that “self.” I’ve always felt so comfortable sitting on the waterfront just talking and being silly with kids and counselors. I’ve made the best memories of my life at CWW."
- Kate S., NYC, Senior Camper

"Through my years at Camp Walt Whitman Piermont has become my home and the people I have met there have become my family. As a young camper, camp seemed magical. I did not think it was possible, but that magic has continued into my teenage years. Not only is it beyond words in the environment and the people, but the activities get better and better every summer."
- Hannah L., Baltimore, MD., Senior Camper

 "I wish there was a way for me to put into words just how much this camp has impacted my life.  I have made my best friends at camp and when we get together throughout the year all we talk about is how excited we are to return to camp.  Camp has helped make me who I am today- a confident, caring, hard working teenageer who can find the best qualities in anyone."
-Michael L., NYC, Senior Camper

"Over my six summers at camp, I have learned a ton of important life lessons. I learned the true meanings of friendship, kindness and respect. I owe a great deal of the person I am today to the values and experiences I have partaken in at camp."
-Zach R., Westchester, NY, Senior Camper

What Parents Say About CWW:

"I want to thank you and your team for another fantastic summer for Eli.  He has loved every one of his five summers at CWW, but as he gets older, that kind of total satisfaction and, okay I’ll say it, happiness is more and more elusive.  So I really appreciate it when I see it in my son.  Eli started a new school last week (not just high school, but a totally new, private school) and he approached the first day with a confidence and equanimity that most adults would envy; I attribute a lot of that to his experiences at CWW."
- Joan G, NYC, Camper parent 

"I am reminded of that day, some five years ago, when I first visited Mark at camp. As he proudly took my hand and showed me around 'his' camp, I was struck by the friendliness of everybody we met along the way, and the warmth and natural happiness which seemed to pervade the atmosphere, and I remember thinking, what a wonderful place this was for my boy to grow in . You have given him memories of long days of discovery and challenge, of warm summer nights with good friends; of laughter and excitement and dreams."
-Michael S., Boston, MA, Camper Parent

"When we were looking into places to send our daughter to camp, we discovered Camp Walt Whitman. From the time we began, it only got better. Communication is great. You are very warm, very honest, and very forthcoming ... you continue to add to the camp, make it better, make it stronger."
-Amy & Jack W., Baltimore MD, Camper Parents

"Whatever you do to attract this caliber of staff member to camp year after year must be just perfect. They are kind, hard-working, bright, interesting, willing and utterly delightful individuals. Most importantly, they are such great role models for my kids."
-Jane S., Coral Gables FL, Camper Parent

"The girls had a summer that goes beyond all descriptive words — take fun, healthy, confidence-building, creative, most of all, full of human warmth and multiply those qualities tenfold and more — that is what your camp means to our children."
-Karen & Ted R., Westport CT, Camper Parents

What Staff Members Say About CWW:

"Thank you for the most fantastic summer I have ever had. I have grown to love this camp so much.  Now I truly understand why people return year after year. Walt Whitman isn't just about sports, hiking or any other activity, it is a spirit that blankets everyone here, staff and camper alike. It is the feeling that everyone here is so fantastic in their own unique way ... Thank you again — you two are spectacular!"
-Shelby S., Boston, MA, Staff Member

"I have worked at two other camps prior to joining Walt Whitman this summer.  While I've enjoyed my previous experiences, I always felt like there was something missing.  When I got to Walt Whitman I discovered what had been lacking- JOY! The campers at CWW are simply happy.  I don't think they all come to camp this way, but the experience that CWW provides allows them to act like kids again."
-Blake B, Ann Arbor MI, Staff Member

"When you spoke during staff orientation about the the impact we would have on the lives of our campers I must admit I was skeptical.  One week into the summer I had no idea if I was "making a difference," but I knew that I loved spending time with my campers! As the summer continued we grew closer and closer.  I now feel like I have ten little brothers.  Each of them is an amazing kid and I feel lucky to have played a small part in providing a wonderful experience for them."
-Scott B, Houston TX, Staff member