I've Never Done That Before!

Imagine all of the new opportunities you can have this summer!
In our supportive environment, summer campers take risks and try things they have never before dreamed of!

  • "I’ve been snowboarding since I was 4 years old and love it. But, until I came to camp, I had never been wakeboarding. It is so much fun to be jumping the wakes, doing tricks, and waving to my friends in the boat!"

  • "Can I tell you how amazing it was to go on the high Ropes Course for the first time? You wouldn’t believe how scary it and how fun it is to be climbing 40 feet in the air with everyone cheering you on! I loved the zip-line and can’t wait to do the Giant Swing next year."

  • "Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, flag football…there are so many team sports to play at camp. It was so cool to play in my first intercamp this summer against Camp Kingswood. Not only did we win, but we stopped for Fat Bob’s ice cream which was awesome!"

  • "The most amazing part of my summer was the sunrise hike up Mt. Piermont! It was so cool to hike with my cabin by flashlight up the mountain and watch the sun rise over camp. It was incredible!"

  • "This summer, for the first time I did the Lake Swim. I can’t believe that I swam the entire length of the lake in less than 30 minutes. It was the coolest feeling."