1. Big Brother/Sister Program for 1st - 4th Graders

In early June you will hear from your Big Sister or Big Brother, a 7th grade Walt Whitman camper (13 years old) who will answer any questions that you may still have and tell you about all the fun you're going to have this summer.

  • When you arrive at camp, your Big Sister or Brother will come to your cabin the very first day to meet you.
  • The next day you'll go to a fun party with your Big Brother or Sister.
  • Throughout the summer your Brother or Sister is there for fun, to introduce you to older campers and to hang out all summer long.

2. Unit Leader Phone Call

Before camp your Unit Leader will call you and you'll get a head start on getting to know each other.  Since your Unit Leader's job at camp is to make sure you have an amazing summer, it will be exciting to get to know him/her even before camp starts!

3. Your Biography

During the spring you and your parents will complete an online Biography Form that you will submit to us along with your photo.  You'll tell us all about you and your favorite activities. You'll also tell us about any special concerns you or your parents may have about your first time away at camp. We'll then know enough about you to place you in the cabin that has the best group of kids for someone like you, and we'll even be able to put your bed between 2 campers who share some of your interests. If there's anything special that you've told us about, it will not be forgotten.

4. Your Trip to Camp

Before camp starts we'll send you a special T-shirt to wear to the bus so that all of the counselors at the bus and the other campers will know you are coming to camp for the first time, and everyone will make a special effort to meet you. The actual bus trip to camp is very exciting as you'll meet some of your bunkmates and counselors. There's lots of games and sharing, movies to watch, and you'll have new friends before you even arrive at camp!

5. You've Arrived!

When you step off the bus, your counselors will be looking for you and will recognize you from the photo you attached to your biography form.  Right away they will take you to your cabin, introduce you to your new friends, and help you learn everyone's name. Then they'll help you unpack all your belongings and get settled in. You'll go for a guided tour all around camp and maybe even for a swim. Your Big Sister or Brother will also stop by to see how you're doing on this very exciting day.

6. What About Homesickness?

You can expect to feel right at home pretty quickly. If you do experience some homesickness, like some campers do, there are lots of people at camp to help you get through it. We truly care about you and your success at camp, and we're here to make sure that you're having a great time.  Pretty soon you too will feel that Camp Walt Whitman is your second home and that CWW is like a second family!