Puttin' On the Style

Puttin' on the agony, puttin' on the style,
That's what all the young folks are doing all the while.
And as I look around me I'm very apt to smile,
To see so many people puttin' on the style.

Sweet 16 she goes to church, just to see the boys,
Laughs and giggles at every little noise.
She turns this way a little, she turns this way a while,
But we know she's only puttin' on the style.


Young man home from college, driving like he's mad,
With a pair of horses he borrowed from his dad.
He cracks his whip so loudly, just to see the ladies smile.
But everyone knows he's only puttin' on the style.


Old man in a carriage, smokes a dirty pipe.
Looking like a pumpkin that's only half-way ripe.
A-drinkin', smokin', chewin' and thinking all the while,
That there's nothing equal to puttin' on the style.


Preacher in a pulpit, shouts with all his might:
Glory Hallelujah!", puts people in a fright.
Now you may think it's Satan, up and down the aisles,
But it's just a preacher puttin' on the style.


(additional verses):

Young man just from college makes a big display
With a great big jawbreak which he can hardly say
It can't be found in Webster's and won't be for a while
But everyone knows he's only puttin' on the style

Movie star in Holywood by the swimming pool
Never gets her feet wet, that lady ain't know fool
Sittin in a bathing suit, dark glasses and a smile
She don't know that we know she's puttin' on the style

See the young executive in his charcoal gray
Talking with some union men who've come to have their say
Sitting at his office desk and wearing a toothpaste smile
But that's just the executive puttin' on the style

Congressman from Washington, looking mighty slick
Wants to get elected and go back there right quick
Beats his breast and hollers and waves the flag awhile
But we know he's only puttin' on the style

- Words by Norman Cazden and Jerry Walters (last 2 v)
©1957 Melody Trails, Inc.