Passin' Through

I saw Adam leave that garden with an apple in his hand
I saidNow you're out what are you gonna do?"
Plant my crop'nd pray for rain,
Maybe raise a little Cain
I'm an orphan and I'm only passin' through"

Passin' through, passin' through,
Sometimes happy sometimes blue
Glad that I ran into you,
Tell the people that you saw me passin' through.

I shivered next to Washington that night at Valley Forge
I saidWhy must men suffer like they do?"
He saidMen must suffer, fight,
Even die for what is right
We're all brothers and we're only passin' through


I was by Franklin Roosevelt's side just a while before he died
He saidone world must come of World War Two."
He saidYankee, Russian, white or tan
Lord a man is just a man
We're all people and we're only passin' through


Was with Martin Luther King and I heard the people sing,
We shall overcome" is what I heard them say,
Now the man is dead and gone, but the dream he had lives on:
We're all brothers and we're only passin' through.

(additional verse by Dick Blakeslee):

Ghandi spoke of freedom one night, I saidMan we've got to fight"
He saidYes but loves the weapon we must use
For with killing no one wins, it's with love that peace begins
It takes courage when you're only passing through