The Arts At Camp Walt Whitman

A broad spectrum of arts programs provides many outlets for campers' creative interests and talents.

Professional artists and teachers work with children in separate, well-equipped studios for ceramics, woodworking and crafts.The arts programs at CWW are designed for all ages and ability levels. Enjoyment of, and exposure to, the arts are our goals.

Campers Explore Artistic Choices

Summer camper enjoys arts program

Regularly scheduled art classes, along with daily and weekly elective periods, provide boys and girls ample time to complete projects and explore all of camp's artistic choices.

Studios buzz with excitement as campers saw and sand the pieces of a chess set, throw the perfect pot on the pottery wheel, or make t-shirts in our crafts studio. 

Our end of summer Art Show displays the impressive work of our campers from all three studios and is always a highlight

Drama and Music at Camp

Camp Theater Production

Dramatics and music complement a busy arts program. Campers love the opportunity to perform in a theater production before taking a bow and enjoying the cheers and applause of fellow campers. 

In addition to learning all of our CWW songs, campers with an interest in music can specialize during elective times in a cappella groups, guitar lessons, drum making, or join a camp band.