Participation, Skill Development and Fun!

Camp Walt Basketball

The Camp Walt Whitman summer program offers campers an opportunity to learn new skills, to develop confidence, and explore new passions all while having loads of fun.

In our warm and supportive environment, children learn that they can enjoy an activity no matter their skill level or previous experience. 

We pride ourselves on providing high quality instruction in a great atmosphere that simply allows children to thrive and have fun!

We provide a tremendous variety of activities - over 50 different choices among land sports, water sports, outdoor adventure, and the arts.



A Balanced Summer Program For Campers

Our program is balanced to allow our summer campers to deepen close friendships by sharing three scheduled cabin activities each day while also exploring their own individual interests through our extensive range of electives.

These electives include a daily choice as well as a week long elective period called SIGs (Special Interest Groups) which function as mini-specialty sports camps.